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Since 2020th Reiki healing and massage by Master Michael only  available at the Spa Secret Heavens. When you need Healing or Massage by Master Michael, please booking at the Spa Secreet heavens. (www.secretheavens.com)

通过全身按摩(使用GOOD MASSAGE特制按摩膏)可放松肌肉,促进血液循环,调节内分泌,缓解压力。

SHIATSU 日式指压按摩


Slimming Massage

  Intensive massage with slimming gel to part of your body .Fat is burned from the more than 20 minutes massage, so one place 30 minute massage with slimming gel. After massage fat still burned 2hours,so please do not dine at least 2 hours your body is very easy to absorb food. Fat is able to move to other place, for example, fat of thighs and belly to your hips, fat of back and arms to the breast, so Just let us know which part of your body you want to slim.

LULUR 身体磨砂 
使用GOOD MASSAGE特制磨砂膏全身按摩,去除身体表面的死皮细胞及油污,以达到疏通毛孔健康肌肤之功效。

Head massage is  improve blood circulation in the scalp. help for effect of preventing hair loss stimulate hair growth. also good for brain and optic nerve. After head massage you feel exhilarating head. Head massage is ont only head, massage also neck and shoulders.

Ear Candle 

  When you do normal ear cleaning it’s impossible to deep inside the ear. Ear candle use power of force to suck up the oxygen when the fire burns. Clean deep inside ear. When you are clean up deep inside ear, it’s also good for your brain. Able to keep good balance for Mental.

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