​​GOOD MASSAGE Address Jalan Danau Toba No22 Sanur Denpasar Bali  Telephone+62 361-283-217 or +​62 812386-9922  goodmassage@hotmail.co.jp  www.spabaligoodmassage.com


Body Massage

Hand Leg and Foot  Massge

Bali Traditional Massage (발리 전통 맛사지) Rp150,000/hour
Thai Mixing Massage (타이 믹스 맛사지)       Rp130,000/hour
Shiatsu Massage (지압 맛사지)                         Rp130,000/hour
Shoulder Massage (어깨 맛사지)                      Rp130,000/hour
Back Massage (등 맛사지)                                Rp130,000/hour
Lulur (각질제거 맛사지)                                  Rp190,000/Hour

Slimming Massage (슬리밍 맛사지)               Rp230,000/Hour

Reflexology (발 마사지)     Rp90,000/hour
Cleaning nail (손톱 청소 )  Rp90,000

Only Transparent polish (투명 매니큐어) Rp60,000

Hand Massage (손 맛사지) Rp100,000/hour


Face and Head  Massge

Facial (페이셜)         Rp200,000 Nu-skin Lumi spa

Facial Anti aging (안티 에이징) Rp450,000 Nu-skin Lumi spa & Galvanic Spa
Head Massage(머리 맛사지 )Rp80,000/30minute  Rp120,000/Hour
Ear Candle (이어 캔들)     Rp100,000

Reiki (맛사지)     Rp250,000/hour          
Reiki is reservation is required.

Please contact us by phone or e-mail.


If you want to massage by Mr. michels

Please check price and menu of Mr.Michel 

  Packet Menu

  Package A ​  Rp230,000

Reflexology 1 Hour + Bali Traditional massage 1 Hour

  ​Package B ​  Rp210,000

 Reflexology 1 Hour + Shiatsu 1 Hour

​Package C ​  Rp210,000

 Reflexology​ 1Hour+ Thai mixing 1Hour

​Package D   Rp330,000

  Bali Traditional 1 Hour +  Lulur 1Hour

​Package E  Rp340,000

 Bali Traditional massage 1Hour + Facial 1Hour

​Package F  Rp210,000

 Back Massage 1Hour +  Head Massage 0.5Hour

​Package G ​  Rp190,000

 Reflexology 1Hour + Hand Massage 1Hour 

​Package H ​  Rp280,000

Reflexology 1Hour + Facial 1Hpour

​Package I​  Rp370,000

 Bali Traditional Massage 1Hour + Slimming Massage 1Hour   

​Package Q Rp190,000

 Head Massage 0.5Hour + Ear Candle 0.5Hour

​Package R Rp430,000

 Bali Traditional massage 1Hour + Facial 1Hour + Reflexology 1Hour

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